About Us

Worldwide In Scope and Service

Founded in 1972, Biotext has been operating under its present name since 1999 and has rapidly emerged as a major provider of translation services in the fields of health care, pharmaceutical trials, medical equipment, and biotechnology research. With a network of linguists and technical professionals around the world, Biotext offers translations from any source language into any target language. In addition, Biotext provides language expertise during design and development phases of system engineering projects and pharmaceutical products that require multilingual solutions as well as cross-cultural consulting services to assist in developing a strategy for marketing, advertising, and patient information throughout the world. Biotext offers services that add value to your marketing efforts, increase your share in already existing markets, and help you meet legal requirements in other countries.

The Right Phrase in the Right Place

Biotext translators have native proficiency of the target languages, are experienced in the subject matter and, just as significantly, are natives of the target culture in which the translated text will be used. This localization process ensures that translated texts are culturally correct, technically accurate, linguistically sound, and, most Importantly, convey a sense of familiarity with the intended audience.